Breaking Down My Brand Statement Pt. 2: The Stories Behind My Brand

This is Part 2 of “Breaking Down My Brand Statement.  Just as a refresher, or if this is your introduction to my site, I learned about professional brand statements from one of my undergraduate professors at Temple University.  Broadly speaking, brand statements are a way to sum up your professional promises, view of the industry, and a written demonstration of who you are as a professional – think of it like your own mission or vision statement!  In Part 1, I introduced the topic and discussed some tips for starting to write your own statement.  In Part 2, I’m going to discuss my own brand statements.

My brand statement is broken down into four separate statements; two are promises and two are beliefs.  My statement includes themes of leadership style, acceptance, and diversity, and my view of the experience economy and experience portfolios.

I believe in encouraging people to visualize success, work hard, and exceed their own expectations of themselves; to rise above the constraints they’ve created.

This first statement was inspired by my time choreographing for children's community theatre.  I grew up participating in community theatre and whether or not I was performing or teaching, I’ve found that the dances that are the simplest, borderline boring (you know, the ones where you do “step-touch” the whole number), were ALWAYS the sloppiest.  However, if you assess the skill level of your cast and then take the difficulty of the dances a half-step or a full step up from there, the product that you receive in return was always cleaner.  By increasing the difficulty of the dances, it gave the cast more of an incentive to practice, because they couldn’t achieve perfection the first time, and consequently, it the kids felt more accomplished once they realized their delayed success.  For me, what this has taught me is that as a leader, I want to help others surpass what they thought they were capable of.  Most of the time the largest and scariest barriers are the ones that person puts up for themselves.  I want to be the person that helps them to overcome that and ultimately come out stronger on the other side.

I believe that all industry experience is relevant experience, and that a diversified experience portfolio is the key to success and innovative thought.

This second statement is born out of my own experience.  I have been fortunate enough to work and intern for a variety of companies since I graduated high school- all within hospitality in one way or another.  When I first started to look at the array of experiences I had accumulated, I had a hard time telling a cohesive story.  What I have since learned is that no matter job or the place, always approach with the intent to learn something new or hone a skill.  The example I love to use is my time as a Loss Prevention Officer with Marriott Vacations Worldwide.  No, loss prevention is not for me and I don’t think it will ever be something I want to pursue.  However, how I frame that experience is that I was able to get a hands on learning opportunity in the areas of safety, securing, and emergencies.  I now utilize that new “lens” to view my current events career through.  That internship, in a completely separate sector of the industry, now allows me to be more conscience of the safety and emergency preparedness component of events.  So this statement is a reflection on my time in the industry and how diversity of thought and experience will always bring new ideas to the table.

I promise to take intangible ideas transform them into experiences that exceed expectations and leave a lasting, positive, and memorable impact on others and the industry as a whole.

Statement three is essentially what I love most about events and the experience economy as a whole.  I have decided to focus my career on experience planning, design, and implementation, and this statement outlines that.  My career goal is to help people to translate ideas and thoughts into actual events.  Not only do I want to create the event, I want it to be done so well that it sticks with the Guest, the client, etc., and becomes a valuable and positive memory.  For me, I love events because they are something that helps to enrich peoples’ lives and helps give people stories to tell.  This statement is my bookmarker for my place in the industry.

I promise to create spaces where acceptance is not a stranger, and creativity and artistry are free to grow and inspire.

Lastly, this statement is influenced by all the people in my life and all their beautiful and unique thoughts.  Diversity is the key to creativity and I wanted to expressly state how deeply I believe that statement.  Everyone has a different background and a different story, and it is those differences, when brought to the same table, that create new ideas, new possibility, and solutions.

My journey to crafting my brand statement is unique to me, so do not let the fact that your journey looks different than mine discourage you- because it’s supposed to be different!  What I really want you to take away from this post is that inspiration can come from a variety of sources.  Don’t dismiss one experience because it doesn’t strictly align with your career choices.  Find what speaks to you and craft that into your own statement.  Again, if we aren’t connected on LinkedIn yet, find me there and let me know you came from this post!  Lastly, drop your brand statement journeys in the comments below so myself and others can hear your story as well!